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This is what the recent graduates of our programme think...
Ieva Stuikyte, Now Marketing Manager for Mines & Money

“In less than 2 weeks I have learnt more than I thought I would and I feel so much more confident now when speaking about digital marketing! It even helped me land my job as a Marketing Manager as I impressed my interviewer so much when speaking about SEO and PPC campaigns, and how they could improve their website.

If you are ever in doubt whether you should take this training I would suggest you think no further and just DO IT because it is worth every minute you spend on it!”

Simon Jacobs, Now Youth Marketer for Camelot

“Before I started Lucy’s course I had self taught myself various elements of digital marketing.

The issue with self teaching is a lack of confidence in conviction and a constant worry that you’re not reaching the full potential, not to mention when looking for jobs or work and you get asked a question from ‘the book’ you most probably won’t know the answer as the jargon will be foreign to you.

Through Lucy’s course I’ve managed to cement my convictions, learn new skills that I didn’t have before and get a better digital marketing vocabulary that I lacked previously.

I’ve since been fortunate enough to secure an incredible marketing role at Camelot (the lottery company). Thanks Lucy.”

Alexandra Varga, BSc (Hons) International Business Graduate

The Search Engine Marketing training has been a great experience for me. It made me realise that this is the career I would like to have in the future. I am now familiar with the terms used and was able to build stunning and tailored CV and cover letter.

The training also puts your mind into the topic and you just want to know more and more about it. You start to see Google from a different perspective. I was also able to hold a 2 hour discussion explaining SEO and PPC to my mother and suggesting changes on the company’s website she works for. You realise that you got a strong ground of knowledge when you can explain it to someone who has never heard of the topic before. I am confident that both the theoretical and practical knowledge I gained throughout the training would not only save me on a job interview but put me in the position of the top 5 candidate. I wish this training would exist in all business fields!

Floris Rhys, Product Marketing Graduate at Samsung Electronics

“The digital marketing course was a fantastic introduction to SEO and PPC of which I knew very little before. Additionally to explaining the basic concepts it unravels the possibilities of search marketing and what businesses need to get right to organically make their way up the Google pecking order.

Given that this course is new and likely to be updated with more interesting content, I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to completing the rest of the courses!”

Nicola Gibson, Now Commercial Associate for Deliveroo

“I studied a Marketing course a University and graduated with a high 2.1, but I still came away feeling nervous about applying for a postgrad role in digital marketing – I felt like I didn’t have all the knowledge or skills required to confidently go into an interview. Lucy’s Digital Marketing course has been great. It covered so many different areas, and I feel like I could apply this knowledge to a future career. The frequent tests help to reinforce the learning, and Lucy is always on hand to provide help and guidance. This personal touch is what really differentiates this course from any other online courses out there. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge in this area!”

Jade Chidlow, BA Fashion Communication & Promotion Graduate

“I would highly recommend Digital Marketing for Grads. The Search Engine Marketing Trainee program is designed and aimed to help individuals like me who have recently graduated from University to gain insider, relevant knowledge and understanding of all things Search Engine Marketing related.

The course itself contains important how-to guides and background information to fully equip you with the know-how to implement Search Engine Marketing job roles effectively within the workplace.

A lot of what the course contains was not taught at University and I have found this to be a huge asset and firmly believe it will help me secure a dream graduate job having given me the confidence I didn’t have prior to taking the training.”

Marketing graduate
Charlotte Parry, Marketing Graduate

“Having studied marketing at university, I found that although I did learn some digital marketing skills, I did not feel prepared for a digital role. The course was flexible to fit around my schedule, and allowed me to learn the basics of search marketing in a short time period. The content is really interesting and allows you to learn the basics of SEO and PPC and go onto more complicated elements too. The Jargon Buster was a great tool and I’ll definitely be revisiting some of the tools in future. If you’re a student who’s just graduated, this course is perfect to complete to gain not only an educational experience but also a certificate that will boost your CV! Lucy is always on hand to help out and offer advice which gives a great personalised service to help you when you’re just starting out in the industry – I will definitely be recommending to my friends!”

Ella Hoare, Now Marketing Assistant for Pinksheep Marketing

I have used the digitalmarketing4grads training to kick start my career in not only digital marketing but marketing in general. Digital marketing is such an important aspect of marketing now, and these videos were so helpful, detailed and relevant. I now feel confident that I actually know what digital marketing is and how to use it within my job. I love that I can pick up the course when ever I want. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is in the marketing sector, not just graduates, its brilliant!

omar mohammed
Mohamed Omar, Marketing Management Graduate

“When browsing the internet I never focused on anything else but the content I was searching for. After doing the SEM course on digitalmarketing4grads.com, I am now thinking more about the site structure. I am noticing what is good about the site’s SEO and what can be improved upon. With the knowledge from the course, I have set up my own blog, this will help me practice the skills that I have learned, thanks to Lucy and digitalmarketing4grads.com. I highly recommend this course as it is easy to follow and easy to understand, I can now differentiate PPC from SEO.”