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We Train The Grads So You Don't Have To...

Transform your business with access to on-demand digital marketing talent. We combine the natural digital savvy of youth with practical marketing experience and put it to work in your business.

We train savvy graduates in digital marketing and connect them with your business to capitalise on valuable marketing opportunities.

Add young talent to your marketing team

Run a one-off, low cost digital marketing project.

Digital skillset

Find a specific digital
marketing skill-set

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The grad spends one week planning your campaign, and 4 weeks implementing your campaign. 

They commit a minimum of 20 hours per week for 5 weeks on your campaign.

We interview all our grads to ensure they are eligible for the programme. 

Then we brief them on your project objective and spend a week training them in the specific digital marketing discipline.

Now, you have a project fulfilled at a low cost and your graduate has the requisite campaign experience.

You also have the option of hiring your grad, although there is no obligation to do so.




How It Works



All Trainees have met our eligibility criteria and have a solid foundation in a digital marketing discipline - taught by industry professionals.

Some businesses want to outsource a project, some businesses need temporary freelance help, some want to add talent to their marketing team, and some are looking for a skill-set that their business doesn't have right now.


Why us?

Flexible & Affordable


Our trainees fulfil a project for your business so you can road-test them before hiring. There is no obligation on your part to hire a trainee if you don't wish to.

Get much more than an entry-level marketer. Our Trainees start working for you armed with a suite of marketing resources and access to our community of digital marketing professionals.

Download our Employer Information Pack for the nitty gritty.

Give a graduate valuable work experience AND fulfil one of your digital marketing business objectives...

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Our Happy Grads...

“It helped me land my job as a Marketing Manager as I impressed my interviewer so much when speaking about SEO and PPC campaigns, and how they could improve their website.”

Jade Chidlow, BA Fashion Communication & Promotion Graduate

Simon Jacobs, now Youth Marketer for Camelot

Ieva Stuikyte, now Marketing Manager for Mines & Money

"Through Lucy's course I've managed to cement my conviction and learn new skills that I didn't have before. I've since been fortunate enough to secure an incredible marketing role at Camelot."

“A lot of what the course contains was not taught at University and I firmly believe it will help me secure a dream graduate job having given me the confidence I didn’t have prior to taking the training.”

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We have grads just chomping at the bit, waiting to get started on a project for your business. Why not try one out today?

We Train The Grads So You Don't Have To.

Ella Hoare
now Marketing Assistant for PinkSheep

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