We train the grads so you don't have to.

Use our Hiring Hub to employ a junior digital marketer at the touch of a button.

Join our waiting list and reserve your lifetime early-bird recruitment fee.

Risk free - there is  no obligation to hire.

Verified digital skills and experience.

No more ad spend, or poor applications.

Flat recruitment fee of £500 per hire - for life!

Look for a grad that has the digital skills your business needs.






Click to request the Grads contact details and CV.

Filter by location and skillset.


Only pay a recruitment fee when you hire.



Why is it better than a traditional recruitment method?

Our pre-employment training means that the digital skills the grads learn are tested, they already have a portfolio of work to show you, and their education grades and IDs have been verified by us. 

Our grads are ready to rock and roll, as soon as you are!

What skills and experience do your graduates have?

Our grads undertake all sorts of practical digital marketing training including social media, email marketing, blogging, content marketing, search engine optimisation and more!

What is DigitalGrads?

DigitalGrads is a training and recruitment service for businesses who want to hire the best junior digital marketing talent on the market.


Why should I use DigitalGrads?

We train the grads so you don't have to. That means that they will be up and running adding value to your business in a matter of days rather than months.

How does the Hiring Hub work?

Graduates enter the Hiring Hub when they have completed and passed enough training to make them genuinely valuable to a business. As they complete more training, and create work that forms their portfolio they rise up the ranks in the Hiring Hub.

How much will it cost me?

The recruitment fee is a one-off fee of £2,000 (+VAT). If you join our waiting list today the first 20 businesses can reserve a fee of £500 for your business for life.

What does the training involve?

The training is entirely practical and focuses on the tactics and strategies that businesses actually use. It's a unique mix of online training, group training calls with subject matter experts and practical project work that simulates real-life campaign implementation.

Our grads love us.

And our business partners love us.

Prior to launching the Hiring Hub we successfully placed our trained Grads into industry.

Hear what Martyn from Yboo had to say...

Be invited for early access to the Hiring Hub before the official launch and reserve your company a ridiculously low recruitment fee for life.

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First 20 businesses get to lock-in a £500 recruitment fee - for life!

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